CEO Geofusion – Pedro Fígoli
Understand how clients think and what makes them buy.

Understand how to inspire and mobilize your collaborators in order to maximize their performance.

Understand how to recognize new problems and new solutions, as well as put your ideas to practice.

The secret is to master Emotional Intelligence.


Emotions are a sophisticated psychological system of orientation and a source of energy that can be used to enter into action and achieve results.
Look at what the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM is saying:
  • Emotional intelligence is one of the 10 most wanted soft skills in professionals of the 21st century;


  • Emotional intelligence is responsible for over 50% of your work performance;


  • Around 90% of top performers have high levels of emotional intelligence;


  • People with high levels of emotional intelligence make USD 29.000 a year MORE (!) than other professionals.
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Increva-se / Subscribe

Mindsets that are indeed different need to be based on ideas that are indeed different.

Old Idea

Emotions are a problem.

Control your emotions.

New Idea

Emotions are a natural intelligente that can be developed.

This program was designed for ALL those who deal with people – clients, professionals and investors.

How does all that happen?

Keep in mind the many stages of the emotional intelligence in order to understand it better:



knowing others


with others

Emotional intelligence is that “wow” that is present in each one of us. It is an ability that affects how we behave, navigate through social complexities and make decisions that can produce positive results.

This ability can be divided into two core competencies, which are indispensable in our professional lives: self-management and social interaction.

In this scenario, we will see that knowing how to deal with emotions is indispensable for whatever situations involving people in a company, that is, all of them.


day 1

Psychological types.

Yes, we are all different and the sum of these differences is what makes a good mix. Shall we find out what is your type?

day 2

Basic psychological structure.

What is the ego after all? Where do emotions come from? If emotions are not a problem that needs control, why do they exist and what is their purpose? Calm down. We’ll answer these philosophical questions and many others.

day 3

Clients are people. Negotiations are made with people. We are all people! Discover the secrets of empathy and gain direct access to the hearts of your clients and work mates.

day 4

Making decisions involves making choices and dealing with the consequences. Understand the positive role of anger and fear in the ability to take action.

day 5

Everybody wants to have a great idea. But how can you make a brilliant idea come out of nothing? Can’t think of anything? Shame can help you.

day 6

Being a leader is not about the office you occupy. Leadership is not a technique. It is crucial to know that leaders inspire with enthusiasm.

The masters who will orchestrate all that:

Valerya Carvalho

Management Hacker, passionate about making things happen. Specialist in flexible and collaborative management. Advocates a leadership model centered in people that creates and sustains organizations capable of dealing with the complexity. Over 30 years of experience as CFO and CEO of leading companies in Brazil, such as Grupo Suzano, Chocolates Garoto S.A., Nestlé and Logoplate Brasil. Graduated in Management, with MBA in Finances by IBMEC and MBA in Controllership by USP. Coauthor of the book “Organize for complexity”. Cofounder of Beta Codex. Cofounder of the School of Sense.


Consciousness Designer, passionate about transcending limits. Dedicated his career to understanding the human psychological structure, presenting it to people in a comprehensible way and applying it to concrete situations. Self-taught knowledge in Jungian Psychology and Nietzsche’s Philosophy. Deep knowledge of symbols, present in the Mythologies of many cultures, Astrology and Alchemy. Specialized in the comprehension of the Unconscious Mind and in Dream Interpretation. Created the Psychological Technology: the use of the psychological structure to create positive impact on performance and results. Author of the book “Paradigm of Sense”, the first effectively post-Jungian Psychology. Cofounder of the School of Sense.