School of Sense


The School of Sense  exists to review what is unique in people, enabling them to do their best and be acknowledged

In order to do so, we remove conditionings, develop abilities and provide tools

The School of Sense offers techniques for the development of your creative and innovative potentials


WE are entirely dedicated to  people, therefore our methodology faces the unpredictable and the complexity as raw materials of creation, 

innovation and the unique

WE stimulate collaborative learning. sharin experiences, different types of intelligences and ideas promote confrontation, necessary for solving problems and 


The final outcome: people who are able to create and realize

Mindsets that are indeed different need to be based on ideas that are indeed differen0t


Our knowledge is at the service of making people’s own ideas, creativity and uniqueness emerge.


We stimulate collaborative learning. Sharing experiences, different types of intelligence and ideas promote confrontation, necessary for solving problems and innovate.


Learning emerges from real world challenges.


Only you know what makes sense for you.

What moves us is making that happen.

We reveal what is unique in people, enabling them to do their best and be acknowledged.